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Chickadee Spirit {Chickadee duch}

Chickadee Blooms

Spring sings clear across the wind it rings
with all the joy, light, and beauty it brings

never underestimate the power that makes the trees bloom
the unassuming & tiniest wonders become this grand broadloom



Bee-yond their weight in GOLD

Bee-yond they're weight in GOLD

OH how I miss the bees
as they load their knees
as much as they please….

but It’s winter
not even a splinter
a spring wink-a hinter

…until one morn
when LIFE is re-born
Bee & flora trumpet the horn…

invoking new BIRTH
springtime gifts the earth
with Bees, trees, Birds for they all are worth…

Bee-yond they’re weight in GOLD-I’mtold
there’s certainly NOTHING greater to behold
than springs first sting…away with the old….

Good bye WINTER…let’s melt away the cold…

Rainbow Lightning Woman©