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Illusions FLY~

ooTaking the time to refine & respect the soul imprint & personality we are, means we develop a very concise and clear picture of what we want in this life. We learn how important it is to spend time with those who reflect the light we choose to be, that which reflects our virtuousness. We learn to let go of those we find ourselves battling to simply be ourselves around; we should never have to work hard to prove our self worth, to someone unable unable to witness & respect higher layers of our chosen light. We learn to let go easy…to allow the dark & disturbed nitpickers the misery of it’s own company. We now know we can choose contrast that are more reflective of light, ones we used to think were bad.

In letting go of a personal pattern that attracts folks with abusive vibes…we MUST FOCUS on choosing other more higher vibrating forms of ‘abuse’ in order to loosen the grips of that energy…perhaps morning sun gazing far too long, while wrapped in the arms of our ℒover after being up all night…having wild passion-fueled sex marathons until we are beyond sore…indulging in the whole cheesecake-not just one piece…together in bed!…Go ahead, learn to torture yourselves with passion, ℒove, and indulgence.

There are high vibrating choices that for some can be perceived as severe contrasts; it has everything to do with perspective. Some of the darker templates we are taught in our current social strata, are ones we best avoid if we want to attract REAL AUTHENTIC high-vibrating ℒove. Oftentimes those who allow themselves the freedom to peel off a whole cheesecake after great sex with someone that really digs them, can also smile on a dime…anytime! FREE yourselves…live aLOT!


One response

  1. I love this poem. Very beautiful words of wisdom and knowledge.

    January 22, 2015 at 8:33 am

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