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47 slips in

47 slips in

…fourty seven is creeping in chronologically
Canada day enters another birthday mystifying me
as to how I made it this far after all I went through it alone
battled the reaper-kicked it’s ass & the soldiers have been thrown
out of my life for good even in this hood I’m a shield quite well known
For my courage even the scourge of some who like their women down
On their knees but please! Not all women are slaves reflecting HIS frown…

Some of us chose the deep rainbow warrior path
off the grid I’ve flipped my lid-survived many a wrath
Others created~as my joy was belated~you do the math
No more control from every asshole & creeper sociopath…
…fourty seven slipped in I wish I would have bounced out
my balls sooner became the dream, the crooner, but I stopped because of doubt…

Finally it is about me & the GODDESS I created…Shes never belated, any more than our birthdays are… On this new star I wish wide and far…for to meet a fellow enigmatic one with a blazing guitar…to synergize the sounds that confounds even the sleepiest souls…into whole…co-creative avatar… ©Rainbow Lightning Woman~the art of photonoetica


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