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Indigenous Day~Rusalye 2014

Indigenous Day~Rusalye 2014

What an incredible Indigenous Day in Canada! It was a great day for womans voice, as a first nations Princess from Saskatchewan spoke some wonderful words of hope for all women. I was honored to be told by an elder to join Grand Entry, as I stood with my heart FULL representing Belarus, in respect of our first people of Canada; my grandparents would be so pleased I am paying respect in this manner as dance & ceremony is powerful part of our Slavic cultures as well.

In Belarus it is Rusalye on June 21st. GODDESSES are fully seeded by the SUN GOD in order to co-create new life. As I stood there the sun burned into my head, rendering me hopelessly certain growth for all the right reasons was the sign. I stood listening to every word Elder Courchene and the others had to say. I held my sacred center in certainty that future generations will rise multitudes. I left nothing but my love and dreams for our children, and respect for all elders in that circle. The powerful vibration of sisterhood rising all across the globe, expresses itself through these ceremonies as so many women empower to center. BIG gratitude to the amazing sisters I connected with on Indigenous day.

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