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earth resounds⚡bones cry⚡nations falling

GOD please show yourself, the boys have gone to play
third world war is on the brink-weaponry in full display
Olympics gone time to pawn Putin acts fast
with armies a plenty WW2 is already re-enact

THREE is sacred number THREE must be
as all the powers that be come in three…
Three major media the mind-wash tri-viaity
three main political parties whooping it up vicariously

Through US through WE never allowing all we can BE
our divinity pillaged resources dry at a rate so staggeringly

I KNOW it hurts to look at these things-
the feelings & thoughts the eminence it brings
knowing we are destined for a world war stings
the core of humanity-together new intention strings…

…from the LOVE we co-create-yet for many hard to feel
LOVE from the world around at least love that is real…
Humans have become undone because of the system-that’s all
many generations just TOOK setting the rest of us up to fall
our amazing kids deserve even more IT IS FOR HER I CALL!
upon you GOD & minions to LIGHT up-wake & get on the ball
as people are praying to you relaying to you OH great mistral

in the mist
of a shadow
looming in forms

generations past
tumble unrest
earth resounds
bones cry
nations falling

GOD we are praying
all of us are praying so hard
praying for the light of day
to turn this evil card around

come quick we need your soldiers
as they line up innocents way
for another round above ground
how much more can you let evil have it’s way?

rainbowlightningwoman ©


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