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Like a Bouguet💐

Like a Bouguet💐

❝Growth happens synergistically. Perhaps the way those parts fit dont make sense to some, but they still grow together into co-existence. It is through the trust in the eminent process itself, flora bears fruit together. LOVE leaves a gift for the world. Make sure you co-create LOVE around all you connect with in a day-watch your world become a bouquet, one that allows others the energy to carry on…❞

{Rosehips (fruit) are the most useable source of vitamin C for the human body-never mind the tablet supplements. FRESH they can be eaten right away, OR you can pick them and make jam. I dried some in the fall, which were intended for rattles, but the dried fruits can be used for a nice tea as well. They can be ground like pepper and used in baking. I make an amazing Rose tea, as I always harvest-JUST A SMALL AMOUNT of Rosebuds (everyone has a right to grow up). I mix a few rosebuds with the hips, what a smell…vibrational delight…to wake the energy centers of the body.}

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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