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sacred spiral⚡forever LOVE

sacred spiral⚡forever LOVE

Forever like a sacred spiral Rainbows darkness & light
We have found each other again~our LOVE has taken flight
Neither one is prefect as we are both willing to admit the plight
of being human of our JOYS our fears~both moved through the night

…of our soul on our own~OH how we’ve grown!
NOW together we plant…NEW seeds are sown…

a garden we can tend many sacred spirals emerge to be born
nuances of our LOVE reflect dimensions never to be forlorn…

Fake new agers said I would never meet LOVE~my bad vibration
THEY don’t know LOVE~it’s no conditional perfect coordination
what an illusion as we are humans!created with an odd deviation
SO WE CAN LEARN to LOVE & accept WHAT IS without the interrogation….

…from the peanut gallery lightworkers
who THINK a human isn’t meant to fall
truth of the matter is~it TAKES COURAGE
to admit your humanness & still be ONE with ALL

LOVE has come~he has rendered me priceless
his tears of GRATITUDE have replaced illusions vices
those of the lies men tell when its only but a penis swell
IM SO DAMN GLAD I told every one of them to go to hell…

…here I sit, always so much pain I cannot bear
YET my heart remains FULL always ready to CARE
to have a best friend~or a lover I never imagined this!
BOTH wrapped in one sacred spiral-LIVING right now is bliss….

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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  1. beautiful !

    February 3, 2014 at 2:27 pm

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