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Miss Lilli watches the little ones

Miss Lilli watches the little ones

Miss Lilli Muggins was found outside in -30C, three Januarys ago. She showed signs that she was nursing, but the babies were nowhere to be found. We think someone took her babies in, and left her outside. I KNOW THIS CAT-and her mewing at that houses window, meant that was her home & her kittens were inside.

I had never seen a cat cry before.

There she was outside crying, with an ear being partially frozen off from frostbite. The people who came to the door, said they had never seen her before, so I took her to my home-without her babies. She slept with me in a nest in my bed for a month, quite depressed, but she was now inside so her ear began to heal.

The LOVE most animals have for their young, would put the whole collective human race to shame.

PETS are not expendable, they are living, feeling, cognizant beings.Many people want animals, but I CAN attest, Miss Lilli is lots of work to keep. She insists on being best friends, talking to me all day, and escorting my every move. She makes me play…but I would never change a thing.

Unfortunately TOO MANY PEOPLE see these very loving & affectionate kinds of animals as a ‘pain in the ass.’

I feel the laws around how animal abusers are handled, are far too flimsy. THIS in itself, is a reflection of a heartless, corrupt system. When PEOPLE NOT GOVERNMENTS have to create shelters, and pick up animals others have discarded, perhaps its just another reason we ALL need to overthrow the evil & greedy ones running things. THEN…maybe PEOPLE will learn BY EXAMPLE?

Its obvious that the example many humans have been learning from, is the most evil template of all.

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