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die is cast {humility stands alone}

As the world slumbers the die is cast
the eminence of destruction is beyond past
due but most don’t have a clue until it happens to theirs
pretense clouds from full spectrum LIGHT-so-who REALLY cares?

OH! right…those with the afterthought prayer circles will fix it THEY’LL convene
However ignore the warnings from those appearing too negative far too green…

Do psychics exist? what is it they know?
is it the colors of eyes kids future lives to go
YA that’s relevant! how about the gifts you bestow?
how about releasing illusions so you can bask in the afterglow

…of a humble stance
You’ve witnessed deaths dance
you realize you are truly alone
yet part of whole-time to atone

are the lights really on? Is anyone home in that heart swell?
HA! pretending to be a lightworker until hit by living shrapnel
bullshitters will continue to wrap filthy money around their ‘gift’
as Popes kill birds but the ones who save them get the shit….
…from miserable ones who LOVE to LIGHT up nothing but drama
Its not a movie-it’s our lives-wake from the slumber-pull off the pajama!

Time to robe in your RAINBOW WARRIOR shade
the die is cast the present reflects-a spade is a spade
SPEAK for your CHILDREN never mind your own ego need
GET REAL before many more innocent children as victims bleed…

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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