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Children of Creation🌾

Children of Creation🌾

❝I absolutely worship nature. It is my shrine & my guidance, my GODDESS & my GOD. It provides for me even if I have not been grateful-wasteful even. I refuse to call myslef a child of creation, and imbibe in the notion of false prophets in negative pretense. Everything in nature is connected, and all bestows spirit. I cannot stand in church to sing on Sunday-and walk out the door to step over the homeless without heartfelt countenance. I respect the land I’m taking these baby steps upon, and I enjoy with gratitude, knowing not all children of the same creator have a cup to drink from…This deep, passionate life is my Religion. It is pure virtue, and simplicity in moments, trusting ALL will be provided as needed. I AM FULL…❞🌿

{Hyssop offers a mint aroma used well in potpourris, as it holds it’s scent for a long time. It re-news when air becomes moist, as the reminder of fields of wildflowers can add to year around enjoyment. They make lovely decorative wreaths, and often our traditional ‘Vinok”(headdress) is made of Hyssop.}

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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