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be gone little birdie🐦be gone

be gone little birdie🐦be gone

Ms Gull of the Sea
come sit upon my sill
but dont let the landlord
catch you~or he might kill
you & your family put you out
You would be put out without a doubt…

Go away little birdie better go away right now
Go away to the place where birdies are allowed
BIG University & windows~lots of food across the street
There’s even a big warm fan with blankets of air blowing heat

Be gone little birdie be gone
If I had it my way you’d come along
With me in my big bag as I roam the day
Would take you to the river, with the Ducks to play…
But the river might take you away away, you’d be gone little birdie gone…be gone…

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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