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Supplicate a Circle of Stoners

Supplicate a Circle of Stoners

Supplicate a circle pack the bong for a spell
Hooting ensues multitudes from the sublime well
Of never-ending dreams that forever bend spacetime
To never-ending scenes a rap-a-attack of words in rhyme…
Midsummer-nights dream in the middle of winter season
Supplicate a circle for a spell any time need no reason…

Stoner-insist on your spherical guise your shield
Warriors defy undesirable intentions which yield
The pageant before them its a huge surprise
when they lift their heads & open their eyes…

Sphere around is stalwart-baggies in place
Bound with moonbeams gossamer and lace
Temperance of moment energies combined
Makes for synergy copius collective realigned…

…from 4:20, 2013, Manitoba legislature…..

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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  1. Words to live by

    January 25, 2014 at 8:27 pm

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