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Reaper Sleeper

Reaper Sleeper

Reaper not so Grim eight years since we met
You’re not so scary; you are one I will never forget…

Misunderstood is the service you provide to those
In need a hard looking trouper to scare off evil foes
When we pass through all portals anythings possible
Reaper takes your hand-your protection becomes plausible

“I know your really lonely Reaper, I know you’re not from hell
I know It isn’t easy traveling souls through many a dark well…”

That may be reapers job BUT this time it was he refused!
Was ready with my frying pan to smack him into confused
Whacked him so vary hard it spun him back into last week
That’s when ArchAngels came to help, ones to whom I speak

“Dear Lady can you hear the wind blow…and did you know….
…the Stairway lies on the whispering wind…”

Stairway to heaven rings through speaker system over it plays
Angels LIGHT repeats a promise reflecting it on silver trays…

A Miracle to behold to be so very bold to survive a dance with
The Man in Black he almost attacked hes certainly not a myth☆

“Mr. Reaper as you allow confident meandering to hold a hand
But you weren’t paying attention so its the pan you’ll withstand
I have much work to do on earth and you need to pay attention
You media driven guide back into next week without apprehension…”

Rainbow Lightning Woman©

ART from wallpapers


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