Art in PhotoNoetic Parallel 🌙 old country Belarus majiya 🌠 Songs & Rhyme


web SO bright

web SO bright

Spider senses tingling vibrant electricity abound
GODDESS Spider Woman is spinning around….

In your mind and spirit calling you to dance
In your heart and soul come take a chance….
To fill every dream with a dose of imagination
To ward off the effects of poisonous stagnation…

Acquired from lies the media insists on all ways
Lies that keep us chained from dreams & joyous days…

COLOR your world and weave a web so bright
Let the world see your day even your night
Pay no attention to the liars living in fear
Its in your best interest never to go near…

Those that make you feel bad for wanting to be FREE
flip them the bird let them fly away as far as can be…

Shine your colors bright and pay no avail
To lies that keep you down lies that entail

Kneeling down for another’s fable never makes us big & strong
STAND ON THOSE 8 LEGS! BE the example that simply moves along

BE-ING you motivating force be someone to look up to…

Go down with the worms? ??? well,…then theres two…and they multiply….

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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