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The Chance to Dance

The Chance to Dance

when young Indigenous ones are given the chance to dance
their spirits soar they implore the beauty of culture in trance
thousands of years drumbeat plays to mother in thanks for
many resources-the ones we must save from corruptions door

…help the indigenous ones empower, before greater controlled corruption becomes all of our children’s inheritance. This is Kyla and she got to dance, because her mother was able to make it happen. She was a big winner all summer last year, and lots of potential winners are out there-but they have no money to create regalia. ‘Regalia for Indigenous Children,’ was created for those little ones on the sidelines, with big Pow Wow dreams, and nothing to make it happen with. We can suit the kids up, if we work together. I will keep everyone posted as it transpires…

~Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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