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Question Mark Butterfly ⚡ “Polygona Interrogationis”

“Question Mark Butterfly or “Polygona Interrogationis,” is an elusive cousin of the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. Look at the GOLDEN orbs that glow atop the antennae. GOLD has quite an ability to conduct and pull energy around, and this species seems quite responsive to intuitive comprehension. I found it easy to ask, “Can I take your picture,” she just flattened those wings down and perked up her golden orbs. I know a teaching will come via dream, or another encounter after this. Is up to the spirit realm…I still want to research this one a bit too, see what its tissue is made up of…especially those orbs.

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


One response

  1. I have a love for butterflies

    January 3, 2014 at 3:03 pm

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