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The Human Heart in flight

The Human Heart in flight

There is nothing more electromagnetically powerful then the human heart. When we learn to control our own thought process, we allow pure emissions of powerful light through our heart center. Learning to open the pineal center, amplifies the ‘informational signals’ being sent to the heart through the mind. The heart then emits a powerful blast of vibrational energy to the universe-which connects to all creative process, as it places every detail and nuance in perfect order. Before you can say ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocuis…” your order is filled.

Be so careful with your precious heart dear ones. Be careful with your amazing minds, the tool that can incite miracles by activating your heart. I am dedicating to teaching those who are really feeling down there, ones struggling with CONTROLLING their own thoughts and feelings. So many amazing souls are living in emotional pain and mental displacement, and much of the information given is not helping; understand that we all may be one, but many live upon a template they did not ‘choose’. Humans dont choose to be hungry or poor, or to oppress their spirit for anothers egoic appetite.

This happens in a control based society, ruled by greedy few. No longer can we reflect these socio-political imbalances through the individual. For every person who becomes the absolver for the systematic oppressions, an equal and MORE powerful energetic backlash, will emerge to take on this low vibrating control game. LOVE is victor, as it is the highest vibrating energy available. SO keep your LOVE pure, simple, and deep. Be aware, but do not scare…It is not necessary.

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