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PAY it FORWARD-Regalia for Indigenous Children

Regalia for Indigenous Children

The indigenous children of North America, are privileged if they can dance Pow Wow. Many children cannot afford supplies for outfit making, so there is a great need for crafting resources. There are people well versed in indigenous craft work, willing to create regalia for kids, but there is also a need for supplies to make this happen. I have decided to create a program for indigenous kids of our area, one to implement funds to outfit makers, who in turn can create these children’s regalia. I am creating PhotoNoetic parallels as well as Pow Wow pictures to sell, with most of the proceeds going to the program (75% as I will hold back 25% for supplies to continue making these). Funds will be handled through a licensed third party, as I dont want to handle money, I want for it to go right to the program immediately. This is just one example of the many lovely Manitoba Pow Wow photos I will lace in a frame, some will be coupled with poems or prose…perhaps some good old Cree wisdom. In any case, we settlers use the resources of this land like there is no tomorrow. The first nations took care of this land for so many thousands of years, it is now our home too. As many children suffer present day genocide, we can together-make their Pow Wow dreams real. I saw too many kids with stars in their eyes, without regalia. Its a culture we have to stand beside, so they can stand themselves through this most difficult time in history for the indigenous ones. So it is done.

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