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Majiya of the Yellow Jacket Wasp

Majiya of the Yellow Jacket Wasp

The Yellow Jacket Wasp bit me a few times this last summer, and I am grateful for it’s presence. Nature has ways of inoculating us, vaccination style, as the human species has been around for longer than any book portends. The Belarus majiya is heavy on insect teachings, as the insects prime importance on earth, is to manage micro-organismic life. This also means that which co-exists inside of our bodies. Being able to withstand the forever growing onslaught of virus, bacteria, molds, chemical waste, electromagnetic junk, and psychic holds, is imperative for the Garden GODDESS/GOD.

The Yellow Jacket has special majiya, in the realm of protective barriers against vibrational onslaught. Realize this old country medicine, has been frowned upon for a reason, for same reasons many other amazing medicines are banned and/or controlled. The Wasp majiya (medicine), has the power to neutralize any forced impurity upon ones path. It’s specialty is in allowing the lighter bodies the ability to reverse psychic attack, and at the same time bring multi-vibrational protection, as we move through realms.

Yes this idea can be heavy for a society that has forgotten where they came from. Indeed for good reasons, as psychos like Hitler stole the souls of a few generations, inducing many with RNA/DNA altering drugs, chemicals, and warfare. Humans literally became scared shitless, to be human anymore. In that many of the old medicines of many nations, had to be ‘buried’ for awhile. The intelligence of nature is astounding, and when Wasp bites its a gift, letting you know you are being given protection. Its venom is powerful, as it neutralizes RNA misinformation to DNA from fear based trauma. Getting bit three times, ALL at the Forks, once on the Oodena, indicates we are the generations transmuting the poisons our past ancestors come from.

Many people fear the Wasp, the Bee…For some the fear in their DNA memory is so intense, they have become allergic to sting, and must carry a pen around. Understand this is a specific wiring from a corrupt system, lying to us about the true divinity of our nature. The true masters of vaccination, are Bees and Wasps. Many different insects have been handling humans micro-issues for a long time.

The incredible connectivity of multi-dimensional life, is unmistakable. Wasp is one of our earths many multi-dimensional majiya teachers and protectors. Some are governed to other areas, like water, air, family values, community, star people, the list goes on…

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