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Shades of Fukishima

Shades of Fukishima

Every square inch of our environment, is now laced with electromagnetic frequency/radiation, due to ‘technology.’ This mass of random energetics, creates much confusion in the human bodies energy systems. There is a resurgence of humans learning majiya & Alchemy, as our bodies & spirits are creative machines. Our bodies are awaiting our command to step up our thoughts, through a passionate surge of emotional/spiritual lifeforce. Through this willful intention, we draw upon the DNA alleles necessary to strengthen, and positively alter the energetics one human decides to work with. Many humans still have no idea of their divinity, so are still in the process of giving in to the mass of global energetic repercussion, assaulting their constitution.

REDMOND CLAY absorbs radiation, and removes it through elimination. EAT ORGANIC FOOD and LOTS OF FRESH food as you support the global organic food movement. DRINK UN-FLUORIDATED WATER for obvious reasons; fluoride is a toxic chemical. TAKE NO PHARMACEUTICALS unless its life or death. SURROUND your world with crystals. RIDE A BIKE, leave your petroleum guzzler at home. CHOOSE NATURAL & CHOOSE LOVING RELATIONSHIPS, as you avoid those who invalidate or insult you. Their negative energy will create a battle in your own body (they live for this, so dont feed them). Walk away from sociopathy. KNOW that even though you CHOSE a beautiful, virtuous life, many others have not.

TRUST IN YOUR OWN FEELINGS, while you respect others choices, as only YOU KNOW what you truly need. KNOW that the clouds are being seeded, and pharmaceuticals are poison. Your mind and soul are being inundated by a ONE WORLD ORDER, as they control the media output, they also control human output by default. KNOW your human divinity. KNOW you are made in the likeness of CREATOR. KNOW YOU HAVE THE POWER, TO CHANGE WORLDS.

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One response

  1. Gene Martin

    Amen. Great words of wisdom

    December 1, 2013 at 12:11 am

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