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Offer Thanksgiving to those who kept this land pristine
For thousands of years many lifetimes & many a dream
Be Thankful for the wisdom many first nations of the land
The ones who maintained vision when others could not stand

Thank them for the fresh water we drink
Thank the good mother when you run the sink
Also be thankful you can drive your expensive car
Run on earth mothers blood the pillaging is as thick as tar

Be STILL take a MOMENT be with mother earth & father sky
In Thankfulness for all we confess to using up without a lie
Its here because of the good medicine people connected
Forever to this land such care taken-now is the protected….

Because someone has to think of the children…
What will we leave, garbage hills & bottles from pills?
Stacks of rusty racks & old plastic sacks & OH so many bills?

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


One response

  1. Gene A Martin

    That is a great poem, Rainbow! I loved it. That was very meaningful words of wisdom.

    October 14, 2013 at 9:11 pm

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