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Whats in this Weed?

Whats in this Weed?

Crawl over on my leaf have a smoke a little toke
Off my brass pipe so very ripe soon its all a joke
When giggles set in forever grin you forever will
Think of our tonight a delight as we smoke our fill…

Of Caterpillar weed words that concede to proceed
Thought expansions brought; WHATS in this weed!

Its kicking in to my chagrin I thought this leaf is…
HIGH now so am I SO together we shall smoke this

Pipe so ripe it’s stuffed with greenest of dynamite
Giving you a bite of delight do you feel out of site?
Caterpillars the MAN with the greens at hand
As many hands this green man’s hands can man
To smoke to joke to take many a toke with a bloke
Hes your friend till the end of the bowl that you smoke

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©

ART Unknown, from google


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