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Roots of liquid lineage lay bare

Roots of liquid lineage lay bare

“Woman, the GODDESS, earth Mother herself, is waging a battle against the reigns of controlling & marginalizing social systems, both government, as well as private sector. They infiltrate our lives on some very personal & disempowering levels, attempting to vampirize us of our SELF OWNED illusion, and the choice we TAKE, to be powerfully, and humbly centered. Through media & societal expectations to conform, woman has been menially categorized as “The Grand Consumer.” To consume and be consumed, is a daily inundation upon our good senses, and immense creative potential; We become locked in distractions in low vibratory energetic grids. In the heart of our center, we realize this needs balance; We know we are created with the intention of far greater energetic possibilities, than the mean collective allows. Social confines TAKE the accepted social precedence, and dole messages of disempowerment to the women standing strong in a high vibration. This very socially acceptable social genocide, has also become prevalent in spiritual circles, in communities, as well as clandestine attacks to anothers personal boundary. A median and temperance towards balance, can only be had if women ALLOW & BECOME strong in the only resolve they can control, that of their own mind and emotions. For every GODDESS creator, man, woman, child, whomever, that strengthens a very high vibrating perception of SELF, we will continue to witness the elements of the new greater dimensional earth emerge. We must CENTER in LOVE, in PEACE, in allowance of each others differences, viewing diversities as a springboard for greater expansion & knowledge, as opposed to a threat. These choices are ones we can identify with, through allowing personal temperance of the sacred feminine, so far buried under patriarchal control. SO much, women are doing to to each other, before they help another. We cannot have this social segregation; Our future generations cannot afford to be the product any grand consumerism, other than their own centerdness, peace, and right to choose LIGHT & LOVE. As soon as we stop looking at reasons why we are different, we begin to see ways which we are all exactly the same. This is our goal for all of humanity.”

Rainbow Lightning Woman


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