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The magiya of Wasp

The magiya of Wasp

Wasp represents protection. If you are stung by a Wasp, know there are spirits surrounding you in protection, on finer tuned levels of energy. Thank the Wasps for choosing you, and leave a tobacco offering. Their venom is only poison, if you work yourself into the idea it is. According to indigenous people from a few human & star races, the Wasp is a powerfully symbiotic venom. It synergizes with human enzymes, and acts as a psychic defense. It does this by creating a very fine tuned material element in your aura, similar to that of the material starcraft is created from. Materials that could be described as fungal, with the ability to allow heavy vibrations to ‘bounce off,’ is a signature feature of material starcraft is created from. It has the ability to co-exist, and move between energetic realms of existence, and allows a perfect template for astral travel.

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