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Transmutability of the Evergreen

Transmutability of the Evergreen

DID you KNOW that Evergreens not only exchange gases with us, but negative energy vibrations as well? You can take your guilt, your shame, your anger, even your apathy to an Evergreen circle for transmutation. When you find an Evergreen circle that calls you in for healing, bring some tobacco to leave for the spirits. Bring your smudge, your drum, singing bowl, OR whatever tools you use to illicit your healing. You dont really NEED anything, except the willingness to LET GO of what you no longer want to carry emotionally. Some are always open to healing, so if you DESIRE a drum, a shell, some smudge, ASK the guides. ASK people too, we are all here to help each other.

JUST like these plants need out CO2, they need our negative energies to transmute; this is their purpose to be of energetic service. Do not deny them their full actualization. and never FEEL BAD for taking your PAIN into the Evergreen rings. If you dont feel bad for breathing in the oxygen and dumping put CO2, then why would anyone feel they are dumping their bad vibes onto these plants? The Evergreens will in return, FILL you with as much GREEN energy, as you can handle. They stay GREEN for a reason, as lifes contrast know many a season.

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