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serendipity like this

serendipity like this

Over the last few days, I have experienced many an encounter with the sweet Sparrows. As we had lunch together yesterday, I received a high pitch buzz in my ear, which proceeded a lesson in JOY. Shortly after we ate, some teenage Asians emerged, and decided this was a great place to duck out for a smoke. They offered me one, I was stoked at the synchronicity; I wanted to leave tobacco for the Sparrows, and the Crow that would not stop assuming lead vocals, but I had none. Now I did.

We were standing in the expanse of ‘my spot,’ so It was teaching time. Only serendipity like this could portend to a lesson for the youth, on leaving tobacco. I explained to them, briefly & to the point, that we live on first nations land. I told these youth the first people were given a promise, that they would always own the land and water. In that, we honor the ways of the people. I told them of the four medicines, and showed them Sage, as I was sitting next to the one Sage plant that really spoke to me this year. They were SO intrigued, and began to leave tobacco on every plant. Premium tobacco at that.

“…aaahhh, thank you…thank you…” one young man said, as he connected in a real way. I learned a great lesson as well, that it is okay to SHARE spirit interactions with others who happen by. I was grateful I caught the play, as well literally maximized this moment on so many levels.

They told me they were from Korea, and know little English. They promised me they would share this with people coming to Canada, and USA. They left, and I noticed at this point, Crow had given up fronting his band, as his family failed to attend the sesame seed bread I left for the Sparrows.

Today I found a Sparrow laying strait on my path, right in the middle of a sidewalk on busy Ellice Avenue. What an undignified stance, for one of the most humbly giving creatures on earth. Every day, no mater how cold, rainy, stormy or whatever, Sparrow sings a song of praise to the SUN, and earth mother givers of life. It’s chest was split open, and I saw the biggest, reddest, most perfect heart I have ever seen. Its no wonder they have such massive chests, they are FULL of LOVE. What else would a creature like this be full of? I prayed with it albeit the funny looks from wasted people, and I picked it up after leaving tobacco on the spot. I buried it, more tobacco, and noticed that big heart just staring at me. I will never forget how it felt in my hand. Quantum leaps later, I am so grateful for one of the loveliest sacrifices I have ever seen.



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