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the Other Side

the Other Side

the world feels COLD so I stand alone
basking in the warmth of my own smile
reflections of gratitude solid like stone
it’s been like that for awhile….

the poetry I write does delight my senses
many others seem to ignore LIGHT I share
its made me relate SO cold my own defenses
it’s nature I connect because elements CARE

we relate-always giving
its been a long pattern for me
time to BREAK this weather do some living
let LOVE IN…but where can it be?

since that dreadful fall with health
my world changed became a cold reflection
a world when one relies on their stealth
moments feel like the other SiDES recollection….

…an insistent longing for the LIGHT that is simply SOURCE. I thought I was supposed to have an epiphany? instead I LONG for that LIGHT…..

rainbow lightning woman©


One response

  1. Gene A Martin

    Beautiful words of wisdom, filled with love. Love your stories & poems, Rainbow.

    September 27, 2013 at 4:19 pm

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