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cloudy Tiger

cloud Tiger

Men youre like a roaring cloud passing by
Tigers all! there has been plenty a guy….
hitting on objectifying showing shades of
anything other than real authentic LOVE…
SO what is it you SEE when you look at me
a piece of flesh to fuck so unceremoniously?

then theres the ones who dont answer to talk
It’s those jerks the media had convinced can balk…
as they walk upturned noses assuming more power
than they really are, ‘dude your no STAR’ no flower!
there’s no bloom in your bubble your self made room
in this life will I will be careful who I take as a groom…

I dont care for what men have become what they show
I have no room in my life for a consciousness that is slow
We try to talk to them they stares at little girls who whine
Why would I bother? when I could fill my own precious time?
without YOU to make me BLUE bullshit Ive seen enough…

Its so easy to tell which ones inundate their minds with porn
Its easy to sell someone ideas they are precedence they scorn
real beauty they do not see SO what are they responding to?
menial energy no man wants a woman larger than life it’s true!

HES the MAN tall and PROUD
ROARS like Tiger so very loud
assuming precedence over her
giver of LIFE GODDESS sister

they cant appreciate what they are taught is a threat
to the male ego yet so many carry such a deep regret
they resent the woman who doesn’t own her POWER
yet are threatened by the one whos spirit did unflower…

CMON MAN!! get on that enlightenment train
Don’t come to me to about her to complain!
you took this WIFE you made a LIFE now YOU
pick up the pieces yourself~dont expect me to
fill your void your growling HUNGER for complete
UNLESS you’ve owned POWER with ME you will compete…

Man man what will we do with you?
if you keep watching porn you’ll go blind dude!
HA! thats it…you cant see what you’re doing
from all those times you were mindlessly screwing
around on your wives SUSPICIOUS so YOU
call her paranoid call her mean and blue…

MEANwhile she can style TRUTH from whats told
dont you think those lies are getting really old?
We’re talking about WOMAN here giver of life
The one you made a VOW to, the one who’s your wife

Dont come to ME I will put you in your place
I will throw your illusions back right into your face
just because you think you’re a TIGER theres no ROAR
just another man-made pervert looking to score….

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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