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The Only Magiya

The Only Magiya

❝…there is nothing greater to invoke your LIFE’S PASSION other than the LAW OF ATTRACTION. There is no spellbook, no external voodoo, no kavorka, that matches the energetic frequency of our own choices. WE CHOOSE how we feel. An outcome ensues.

ARE YOU feeling that your feelings and thoughts are out of control? Taking control starts with a HUMBLE dissertation, a mirror that shows YOU who YOU are. There are others there to help you SEE your divinity, through their reflection.

If you are seeing beauty in others, its because you SEE your own beauty. If you see POWER in others, it will be reflected in you. If you marginalize others, you marginalize yourself. MAKE THE CHOICE that creates the ONLY SPELL to work in everyone’s favor. Its called the ‘win-win’ spell, the only ingredients are LOVE, and LIGHT projection…❞

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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