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When ROOTS are exposed

When ROOTS are exposed

When a woman TAKES a path predicating her personal POWER, she must unravel herself from the vampiring grips of collective social KARMA. WOMAN POWER is compelling, and the challenges that emerge, offer clues on our own healing journey. Collective karma are beliefs that many people share & compound together, based on an ideological entity collectively CREATED. When ONE chooses a path towards LIGHT, via CONNECTING with the SPIRITS ordained on their path, THIS SINGLE ACTION begins to unravel us from the grips of a low frequency collective. We move into GREATER collectives, reflective of our lifes dreams.

The challenges low levels pose are systematic, as they never change. Fear is at the helm; rarely does it entertain new notions. Once we familiarize with being challenged this way, we are GIVEN guidance which will allow a total transmutation. It is up to US to heed those messages. When a WOMAN takes her POWER this way, there is nothing that can inter-fear with her any longer. THIS is why we always say, your ADVERSARIES & adversaries, are some greatest tools to use as a springboard for healing.

Its in HOW we look at it. For example if your boyfriend/husband becomes jealous at your independent pursuance of your DREAM, he now has CREATED a springboard for HIS OWN healing. He can choose to use those feelings as a template into a new GREATER level of consciousness, OR he can use them in attempts to sabotage you, or find reasons why you are negative. THIS APPLIES with FRIENDS you keep as well. There is a GROWING presence on the planet towards a WOMAN TAKING back her POWER, from the grips of oppression. There are GUIDES in spirit, collectively there to help us. Familiarize with your true center, as you witness a CHANGE in those who gather around you.

In OWNING your POWER, YOU have made choices that will filter out lower level entities, and fearful collectives from your path towards WHOLENESS. You are inviting LIGHT, and LIGHT illuminates all. Know that this transition will FREE YOU, but perhaps others used to a lower vibrating YOU, will feel affected. They can no longer vampire you. REALIZE that your TAKING your own POWER, puts them in a position of PROJECTING energy at you. Its pure energy, so use it wisely. Even if it APPEARS they aren’t watching, they are, so send LOVE and let them GO. Your example of rising past others illusions is staid. This is a very POWERFUL place to be.

Blessings ❥ Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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