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Tao te Tsing

Tao te Tsing

Tao te Tsing Spirit Bear forever many a day
How I miss our walks & the hours of play
Your dips in the fountain legislative ground
Frolicking romping until the guards did sound…

“Get that dog out of the water right now
Dont play here hair clogs the filter & how!
pleasure is never handed to people alongside
government grounds here you cant hide…
Take that dog get him out of the pool
dont stretch it lady dont act out a fool
or Ill call the cops nothing stops me I AM
guard a retard the 2055th in command…”

“Tell him yourself see how far you get
Your ass is grass & you’re going to get wet
He’ll nip you in the bud show who is the boss
we will be gone your control game a loss….”

We had fun dear Tao
you hated men in uniform
your face would go stone cold
many a uniform was torn…

like when you bit that mailman
the one with the attitude
I told him not to defy you
but he ignored so very rude

I loved when you put Rob in his place
Jerk in military garb & terrified white face
talked BIG such a man with a plan
you bit his ass Youre my #1 fan!!

We howled at many a MOON
together on the deck late in June
Sam I AM in my own yard back off
I will howl if I want at you we shall scoff

you tried to poison Tao BUT he was much
TOO smart for you he wouldn’t eat such
poison he wasn’t stupid like your dog was
jealously consumed you & now you’re nuts because….

~dedication to one of the greatest gentlemen I have ever known, Tao te Tsing Mommy LOVES you forever

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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