Art in PhotoNoetic Parallel 🌙 old country Belarus majiya 🌠 Songs & Rhyme


Spirits at hand

Spirits at hand

GODDESS of SUNRISE step inside sacred spiral & DANCE
REMOVE limitations from mind that snare AND en-trance
LIFE is never lonely ONE when asking for what you need
To those embarking on their dreams please do take HEED…

The period of “GRACE” that follows major change
Is sure to send the old vibrations into further range
Whats really happening is new ATOMS are settling in
Shaking you UP dont give UP as that is the greatest sin…

Its true people dont see us when were small
YOU dont need them if they only want you TALL
REAL helpers entwine they look around to see
Spirits at hand as your best interests will JUST BE….

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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