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Oodena “the place where hearts gather”

Archaeological records indicate that Oodena (Cree for “center of the city”) was a meeting place, and a treaty site for five tribes as far back as 6,000 years ago. It rests upon the Forks between the Assiniboine and Red Rivers, Winnipeg, Canada. These archaeological records are only discovered in one way; By excavating and extracting bones, items, and sacred aboriginal artifacts. This is a violence towards the first people. It is one of the most powerful places I have stepped foot upon, and my eager connection with earth mother keeps calling me back to it’s site.

I live close enough to take the free bus there, as often I take my drum and hide in the trees by the river, and sing. Every time without fail, a homeless native that was asleep comes out of the trees, appearing as if awakening from a dream. The more I learn about the genocides, the more I feel an urge to TEACH those who have no idea, what these amazing people went through right where we live. “Get a job” was not part of the native vocabulary, as the people lived on the earth together in respective tribes, and EACH person had a role to play in the tribe; No one was ostercised or belittled.

If we live in this land, we walk on the ancestors buried here, the ones who still emerge in spirit in accordance with ancient native truths. Its not hard for someone who is honest & sensitive, so FEEL the TRUTH in our own bones. This collective depression problem in North America, IS due to those voices calling us towards truth, towards reconciliation. Humans are egotistical; We think we FEEL because its always about us. We are being called to WAKE to TRUTH, and to STAND in honor of the LAND, the WATER, and the people who have known this land for thousands of years. I was given a CLEAR message from spirit to keep at it, keep teaching ‘the settler nations’ what the truth is. That is to stay out of personal issues (distractions), and stay centered in delivering these messages for the sake of the greater collective resolution.

Just feet away from this site, the ‘Canadian Human Rights Museum” is being erected like a big hand with a middle finger up. The scientists began to excavate the earth as soon as she thawed this last spring. They kept this secret hidden from the public, yet so far, over 400, 000 artifacts have been dug up since spring, yet these amazing people REMAIN CENTERED in truth, and continue pursuing the divine right to their ways & culture. HOW long will we continue to USE the resources, and refrain from paying any attention to this truth? This collective depression will keep calling people forward, to their spirit for guidance, as that is it’s purpose. Its a social karma many of us have been called to bring light towards, in ignoring these truths, we feel the repercussions.

Red Cloud & Sitting Bull were given a promise, and we are enabling that broken promise, by not stepping forward and doing our part. If you have read this far, GO leave tobacco at your sacred spot, ask spirit what is YOUR duty to draw light towards truth. We are one RAINBOW WARRIOR tribe now, as any conscious separation is perpetuating the violence of segregation.

“…the country would be ours as long as grass should grow and the water flows….”…But they were lied to.

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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