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Angels like James

Angels like James

When GOD takes an Angel back to home
It can leave many people to feel so alone…

One who has given SELF for others so very kind
Many hours of laughs & LOVE did LIGHT my mind
TONY! the King of contrast you were the LIGHT that confirmed
Karma is what we assume is bad never what others have affirmed
Character epitomized by patriarchy a staid soldier of two families true
A man who knew who REAL boss is IT WAS the women that’s who!
He held power on the street & was BOSS of all the men he did meet
When it came to the women in his life Tony did bow down lower his seat…

We forget too soon Tony was a man as well
James they called him this character did sell

James into fames he always dreamed of making it of being
BIG life SO full new wife baby a future movie he was seeing…

…Cut short but we know where Angels like James go
Returning to inspirations door where the wind does blow
Into tomorrow a new dream inspired vision has become
New life lets pray his wife & baby blessings of LOVE never undone
From the etheric binds of true LOVE as it does last forever more
No more suffering in silence Angel James is home at heavens door…

Poetic Dedication by Rainbow Lightning Woman©

Pic courtesy of google


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