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Dacha Dreaming

Dacha Dreaming

Baba thank you for teaching me whats right
Geja for teaching me to stay within the light
The Dacha you created HERE taught me much
COULD we become again this natural touch?
Belarus dreams me in my sleep dachas grow
Earth wisdom is all I wish to experience & know

The dachnik in me LONGS to dig in the earth
Plant new GROWTH witness many a new birth
OF flora OF fauna OF spirits expansion’s call
NEVER again in this world will our PEOPLE fall
prey to communism to Hitler to fake Christianity
So far removed from CENTERED to pure insanity

We were happy living on the earth simple & free
GREED took over Hitler took lives can you see?
WE ALL come from earth simple freedom to BE
When it comes down to it it is all about the WE…

Not in the “I” as we can see REAL truth conceive
as she gives birth to new tomorrows DO BELIEVE
learn your lineage respect land & traditions PLEASE!
or the controlling leaders will find a way to seize
OUR SOULS greater than haters many have become
BACK to earth simple ways LOVE we all have come
THATS why many hurt because we have come undone…

HUMANS are beings that NEED connection with spirit
Living in city most impossible for so many to hear it…

LISTEN to the voices in the wind sing
HEAR the urging towards the LIGHT ring
TRUE for all nations as our DNA does call
US back to who we were before many a fall ❤

Rainbow Lightning Woman © in noetic passion


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