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Spirit Quartz Whispers

Spirit Quartz Whispers

In knowing the road YOU are on, busy yourself with learning about all that which GROWS in LIGHT where you walk. If we busy ourselves with what is wrong with another’s path, focusing on another’s roadblocks, we do not fully actualize with the full proximity of OUR OWN gifts to the world. We ALL have to learn to navigate our own path, & we all have a right to own the centeredness of our own experiential path. Anything else but centeredness is a distraction. Too often we humans distract ourselves from our own path, because we have some old beliefs to let go of. The only way we can focus on the darkness on anothers path, is if WE ARE BE-ing that darkness. Releasing your self from darkness means releasing others from the separation of illusion, by assuming responsibility for WHO we SEE in the mirror, and no one else.

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


One response

  1. Gene A Martin

    Beautiful words of wisdom to live by.

    September 8, 2013 at 4:24 pm

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