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Bumble Bee performs with Fringed American Aster

Bumble Bee performs with Fringed American Aster

As I learn how to use my new camera’s lens, I find myself getting closer to the life long fascination I have with Bee. Through many magiya, or medicine teachings in this life, I have experienced life through dreamtime with many creatures. In those dreamtime experiences I became many of those creatures, in order to actualize in merging spirits with them. For example, when we invoked wolf with a teacher named ‘White Wolf,’ I learned what it was like to scathe the earth at such close range on all fours, and to be able to smell scat as a means of disciphering. ALL my senses were thousandfold; I shall put it into words in the book about applying animal magiya too everyday life. The Bumble Bee is one I am anxiously awaiting to experience on a multi-dimensional level, largely because most of their regeneration occurs on fine tuned levels beyond human senses. In learning to experience a certain creatures magiya, or medicine, we have to become them, feel life through their consciousness. It is then we truly witness how truly small a human consciousness can be. Interestingly humans are considered ‘top of the food chain,’ yet if it wasn’t for these tiny lives, we would cease to exist. The only thing greater about the human is the ego, as our means for incarnation are to raise vibration to the level of those we take for granted; The magiya we all come to earth fascinated with discovering, are reflective facets of human consciousness, brought to life in nature through a TRUE and PURE expression.

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


2 responses

  1. I admire the range and scope of your imagination.

    Laurie Keim

    September 5, 2013 at 5:21 am

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