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Theta Dreams, Expanded Consciousness

Theta Dreams, Expanded Consciousness

I woke in the midst of Dreams about animals releasing from the binds of earthtime soul grouping. I talk alot about the nature of vibrational expansion, and I am always asking guidance to reiterate more information. This information opens mental pathways through breaking binds of previous confined beliefs about what soul expansion really is. For many humans the only way to expand mentally is to have a new idea presented, one to break past a confining belief. The easiest state we can be in to be receptive, is to allow new information to flow via theta state. When the ego’s influence is nonexistent against the backdrop of a forever expanded multi-verse, many more layers can then be understood.

As the animal spirit realms branch off into more fine-tuned soul grouping, this premise supports the expansion animals are showing in cross-species friendships & parenting. THEY are taking teachings and medicine to a new and higher light for the spiritual growth of human spirits. My guides have insisted on teaching, and sharing how to connect with nature, animals, & elementals. Even living downtown for the sake of greater awareness about nature and soul expansion for all around here. MOTHER EARTH is expanding to suit the needs of an expanded human consciousness. There is no other way for expansion to happen, SO we must honor the contrary medicines, as its these which offer the template in which we PROPEL new & expanded vision of LIGHT and more energy.

As I began to wake I looked over at my desk chair, and my cat was past right out in it dreaming away with me. Her aura was so fine tuned, as she allowed me a peaceful glimpse into that expanded promise for all life. I heard her on some fine tuned energy level say, ”What a jackhammer? Isnt it Saturday? geez cant a Cat sleep in on a rainy day?” Yes I always thought it impossible for most house cats, but Miss Lilli is my example of a very connected animal. She survived abuse, and being left out in -30 Celsius to find her way to the greatest LOVE her sweet life will ever know. Thats why we respect those personal & world contrasts, because of the nature of LIFE on earth is expanding, and the only way that can happen where egos preside, is by affecting our comfort level. This is why I dont listen to the perfect illusion; How boring for life to have no contrast in which to invent new.

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


3 responses

  1. Gene Martin

    I love your stories, Rainbow! They help me a great deal. THank you, my dear friend. Love & hugs

    August 30, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    • I appreciate you so much, thank you.

      August 30, 2013 at 10:32 pm

      • Gene Martin

        You’re very welcome. Love & hugs

        August 30, 2013 at 10:34 pm

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