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ResonaTions of incanTaTions

ResonaTions of incanTaTions

when the Ball is gleaming crysTalline oscillation blinds
as iT aligns new configurations around closed minds
opening doors with many floors in the annex of lifeTimes
you have lived & will live again cerTain as my rhymes… 🔮

information comes in a BALL
one not too short nor to Tall
some deep & quite profound
some reflecting what’s around
some of it looks as if to confound
some appears~its really illusion dont frown!

LISTEN dont be missin info as she sings
In your ears of your joy & your fear rings
ResonaTions of incanTations you’re the Alchemist
divine now to align how your calling hangs in the mist….
All those lifetimes come together in a moment in a KISS
from twin flame LOVE all pervading on earth that’s gifted this
MOMENT in time so we SEE deep inside & gracefully align
With karma & it’s dharma the way YOUR soul reflects it divine
So you can take it make it NEW transmuted part of your renewal design…
Keep it simple add no more be willing to LET GO of illusions that confine

Rainbow Lightning Woman © 🔮


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