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Rainbow Lightning Wolf

Rainbow Lightning Wolf

RAINBOW Wolf howled sang songs up at the Moon
Ran strait to my heart with a start never too soon
Like BOLT of LIGHTNING crackling me WIDE aware
Awake in control of this path always on everywhere
LOVING OTHERS because service to another is way
Of the RAINBOW WARRIORS on the planet to stay!

We made friends with the dark BY OURSELVES first
Know MEDICINES to help others who hunger & thirst
For TRUTH beyond the collective howling of meniality
WE RISE ABOVE ILLUSION for others loose personality
STAND in truth even if it ‘looks like we compromise’…
IF we dont lead by example then others don’t come alive

Only thing we relinquish is ego but the irony the crux is
Being accused as YOU BECOME template for others biz…
IS that LOVE? what is ‘giving up self’ for others growth
We took an oath Warriors of Rainbow & Lightning both!

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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