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GOLD Rutile Quartz Spirit

GOLD Rutile Quartz Spirit

GODDESS Bast was cast into a mineral in spirit
Those vibrationally attuned draw her in & hear it…

Through the ethers we hear the song sung sweet
We feel the GOLDEN RAY we feel the sistrum’s heat
We hear BAST we FEEL her feet repeat upon heavens floor
We know shes come a calling to awaken your spirits door…

DANCE with GODDESS Bast at last your Queen has arrived
Shes literal powerful sensual never conceptual or contrived

…she sang as it rang in my heart so alive…

❝Rutile GOLD lovingly laced in Quartz so very old
Fortunes are very plentiful have been long foretold
Through our BOLD statements & expressions of pride
Giving up EGO over-riding mind never matter ever implied❞

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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