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400, 000 Aboriginal Artifacts unEarthed

400, 000 Aboriginal Artifacts unEarthed

I find this disturbing, compelling, and in the grand scheme of anthropological-social progress, very transmutive. I remember when I attended an Idle No More gathering on this spot in January. As I entered the road up to the round dance space, I witnessed the biggest Raven I had ever saw. At one point, this dude Rick & I stood there in awe of how it circled around as we prepared to drum in LOVE/protest. It seems both Rick & I were the only ones to see it, and I never did write about it until I saw the news today. I seems that as we have this Human Rights Museum being built, thats not all that is going on where the Red River meets the Assiniboine River right NOW. This is where my Geese & Ducks live, ‘My Spot’ I call it. Its actually important ceremonial ground to our first nations people, and I sure always felt it; its no wonder I love being there, but I never knew of this ‘excavation’ until now albeit the unrest on that spot. These scientists are digging up tools, objects, bones, and as I read this I started to cry. I dont know if its the pain Im in, or Im in pain because I keep being drawn back to a place where so much pain continues to be implement. I am a sensitive & I cannot walk on this earth, and not feel the resonations of spirits call, of the grandparents before us. I am honored to have been there with my drum that day, it was SO COLD, SO healing and SO amazing. Meanwhile waiting HERE at the very grounds is a group of scientific scavengers, secretly waiting to scourge sacred soil, as soon as spring thaws her enough to dig in. This ‘secret’ made me angry, yet the rest of what we call ‘settler nations’ come to see the forks, as if its a tourist attraction, not even considering how blatantly mean and evil this is. These are the same folks who will unwittingly partake in thanksgiving. WHERE ARE THE FIRST NATIONS ADVOCATES FOR THIS PROJECT? These grounds protected me at a time in life when I needed cover. As the first nations people gathered to round dance, inviting all to join, so very few made it out that day. As the reflection of a beautiful Sundog warmed our hearts, I had to hold back tears many times, feeling the POWER of TRUTH held in the hands of the Rainbow Warriors. Many of us have been victims. Some of us dont even like each other! But I can guarantee you, RIGHT NOW we are ALL on the same cause, and will take part in the transformation of the same effect for future generations. The big picture is one of hidden agendas, and WE THE PEOPLE owe the first nations a huge apology for not standing up for them, their rights, and their land we take for granted. I challenge all non-aboriginals to stand at Idle No More, to round dance, to partake in inter-tribal dances at Pow Wows, to learn the ways of the first people and RESPECT those ways. KNOW who gave you this water, the foliage, the amazing flora and fauna we now call CANADA, our home and NATIVE land.

True patriot LOVE is in no sons command at all, just one old Queen who wants to rule every Kingdom IS that not an irony in a Patriarchy?

Rainbow Lightning Woman

photo credit, Winnipeg SUN


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