Art in PhotoNoetic Parallel 🌙 old country Belarus majiya 🌠 Songs & Rhyme


driVe me WiLd

driVe me WiLd

take me back to that place we know so well
together passion LIGHTs like afterglows swell
moments in TIME & mind let’s drive some synergy
haberdashers & couturiere Ascended Masters infinity

Let me dress you then you can decorate me
wrap me in XXX-mas lights so you can see
what you put where no one else will look
will create volumes to make lusters cook…

driVe me WiLd
drive me insane
off the curb
you’re my profane

HOT WE are on fire sweet lover of mine
So COOL WE are & we heavenly divine

Beauty is in profanity that beats sexuality’s door
I FEEL like your GODDESS & I am still your whore
You are MY strong protector tempered with tearing
me in two with your POWER passion heated flaring
hours together ROLL embraced in each other’s soul
Ascended love making guaranteed to heal to whole

imaginative fantasy
sweet lover entertain
me forever as I reflect
ALL without refrain…

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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