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some call her Haunted

some call her Haunted

under a Silvery Moon In June a light is cast
upon this old house giving voice choice at last
Haunted undaunted It’s soul feeling fairly taunted
by the footsteps that mock upon disclosure that’s wanted
by thIs old House SEE she Is flaming passion laced In desire
SHE wants an episode exposed before she explodes Into fire

she knows for well for It was hell
witnessing lives burn did you know
HOUSE can hurt too even If you sell
It off to another undercover In escrow

She saw all she saw the fall heard the call
NO 911 when the world was less connected
screams In dreams eternally through every wall
forever In time recall It ALL allow what’s reflected

some call her Haunted
some say broken down
yet a spirit that lives here
yet seen many joy & fear
people come & go & come
people use up gloat & shun

she survives a quiet storm; she on occasion sings her song
her many stories have been rhymed by those already gone
lonely? perhaps she is a raging inferno of passionate vibes
she herself will be a product of this dimensions many lives…

Rainbow Lightning Woman ©


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