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mEdicinE drEams

mEdicinE drEams

❝Let me fly in a big Blue Dream
Let me feel zero pain
Let me decide on my own medicine
Let me from pills refrain…❞

Feeding us a big pharma LIE
Ones that see our people die
Innocent folks needing of a toke
Mr Prime aint so jive hes but a joke!
Indica oil will kill & foil cancer in its tracks
Stop the greatest scourge & who it whacks
Crime Minister Harper when they catch you look
OUT because they’re coming to get the man who took
Lakes rivers rights respects treaties weed freedom & FOOD
People are starving in Canada we want our resources for GOOD!

Hemp plant sustains contains ALL we need to SURVIVE
This obvious chemical experiment will not keep us alive
As soon as we take it back Harper, there will never be another you or dick-tat-Or-too for that matter you’ll SEE….

poetrills by Rainbow Lightning Woman ©

{photo credit unknown~from google}


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