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The Magiya of Owl

The Magiya of Owl

❝Owl is the master of night vision, of unassuming predatory action on a dime. People with strong Owl magiya (medicine) have excellent directional resonance, and can rarely get lost. They ‘feel’ their way around life from every context, with eyes that surround everything they look at. Because they can see so well in the dark, their medicine is one of eternal vision; They are that person you just cannot lie to. Their eyes are all-encompassing gauges of vibrational energy. Like Cats, they tend to feel vibration with their eyes, as their consciousness translates this into many dimensions human eyes cannot comprehend. This is why people with strong Owl magiya throughout history, have been considered great visionaries. Many great psychics have strong Owl representation, as well as GOOD politicians. A politician using the Owl foresight to hurt others, is a prime example of misusing this incredible & honorable medicine in contrast. If we always straiten & fly right into our hearts true vision, we honor Owl magiya. Understand that when we choose a path of listening to nature spirits, we will have experiences with most all dominant species medicine. These will be either steadfast life guides, OR just a passing lesson, as the former is a totem, and the latter a medicine lesson.❞

Rainbow Lightning Woman©

~expression from my up & coming publication on the practical application of animal magiya (medicine)~

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