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Spilling into Rhyme

Spilling into Rhyme

The heart of Saturday night Tom Waits on stage
An alternate reality the air wafts smoke backstage…

A bottle breaks glass spills LIGHT across the floor
Sounds of traffic play back beat out revolving door
Coffee swirls aromatic air tea pots swelled with beer
Lined booths Blue Note Cafe after midnight we hear

Piano rings like many chimes sing
He’s lost in keys fingers ting-a-ling…
Like two lorn loves reunited together
Gone in his song Tom lost in forever

“HEY TOM! you’ve an audience to play to you know!
Sing US a tune under this moon as its light will glow…”

Guide us home as we drunkenly crawl
Full up on song smoke & joke we sprawl
Swirling and twirling an upwards spiral
Sounds like the hounds are barking viral
Down our back lane like the big insane
Posse of clowns renounced to profane…

Oh Tom inspire me SO conspire my soul
Oh Tom you have me in LOVE full so WHOLE

Poetic insistence
Let go resistance
Moments in time
Spilling into rhyme…

Oh Tom you’ve inspired this soul
Tickled lyricist shes now in control
Impression offered my voice
and a choice
in this place….
To take
and MAKE
open laced in grace
and so very real

Rainbow Lightning Woman © 2013

Photo credit unknown


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