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secret woman

secret woman

why does this world want to make all BIG women small?
when her energy beams LIGHT & she’s built stacked & tall
obviously enough to handle all that SOUL & heart she is ALL
truth? too many men hide her in their dreams & at night they call…

…her to their arms for solace from this world
from the one they cant please the one who hurled
him out the door in a score because she did implore
that maybe he cheated she repeated the same drama as before…

He runs to mama to that BIG heart all that woman he craves
even though he goes out with friends stares up little girls at raves
its the big HEART that truly staves off his worlds pain it engraves
upon his heart etching further solace he finds in secret woman he saves

…you See…

the world says a man is supposed to have a ‘little woman’
smiling filing her nails between salon appointments all day
pretends polite yet tempered with fright she lives out HIS
dreams & scenes a good dolly should never does she say
anything to defy but only to make him HIGH-er than her
by allowing illusion she is of confusion and needs to stay
next to him as he is KING ruler of her body soul body body
ready beacon call to be his amusement all ways on dis-play


he craves… MORE…I dont care what you say…

More woman more LOVE more lady bigger glove
to wrap you to slap you with passionate embrace
One that can be looking MAN in the eye with LOVE
All the while making her OWN dreams alive with grace

Filling the room with the perfume of her essence ALL
she is LARGE she is LIFE she gives LOVE she’s called…

by too many men after their wives have gone to bed
they need some real LOVE not one who lives in her head
one who is BIG warm eyes on FIRE love alive to confide
Its too bad these men are so small and have to hide…
It IS GOOD lets us know what we are dealing with from GO
there are good men out there-one I am still waiting to know
One will do because virtue has it that escrow is saved energy
& will see to it & construe it ONE whole GENTLEMAN for ME!!

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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