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Ellice you make me jealous

Ellice you make me jealous

Mirror Mirror everywhere a reflection
Opens new realms to many a direction
Portals of conscious wake thought open new
From what seems familiar always in front of you
A shop a dress a store a mess on the street the bells
Toll from a nearby church bus riders wait & lurch some sells
“Pills & GUM for a swill of rum”a smoke no joke rolled from ground
Butts laying all around OOOHhh it stinks when it travels my head all around…

Ellice you make me jealous
You let all your jizz hang out
Juiced stoned and overzealous
Living a 24/7 party never without

It seems like people simply are
Always wasted their own super star
Muthafackin & packin weapons & fear
Dealin & wheelin selling cocaine too near

So I move along staying strong by being LOVE
Seeing reflections beauty all over from creator above
STOP to Smell a flower got overpowered by some skank
Emanating from parts unknown Gladstone I have you to thank….

I see you in the horizon
….Im coming home!
To my lovely little space
My heart my brownstone

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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