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did you hear that?

did you hear that?

a Houses this Haunted needs iT’s very own location
largely because of iT’s incessant manifest creation
surrounded water protective barrier all that energy
fog zone appearing lifeless forlorn far as eye can see…

BAT’n CROW contrast light play on humidity illuminate the night
aS morning rises into a new dAy offering the senses some sight
uPon that which appears broken outmoded and with delay
hOlds some of the greatest secrets gone by many a day
aWaiting a channel a medium or maybe a CROW or TWO
hOw about a painted picture with shades black & blue
mAny hoUses waiting to share their voice in rhyme
pErhaps I shall give them some linear time
a Poem or TWO to construe what and who
tHose haunted homes & castles are too
iT’s not just we humans with history
mAny an entity will remain mystery
uNtil entity has been really heard
tHis old house will keep it’s word

noetics by Rainbow Lightning Woman©

ART by Ma Donna


2 responses

  1. Lynne digby

    Cool. I’m just back home from a weird and spooky adventure with my daughter. With haunted gardens and secret castles. We really freaked ourselves out. Then I read this and it made me smile. Cool xxx

    August 24, 2013 at 10:34 pm

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